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North Macedonia activates its 112 services with Beta 80 Group technology

On 112 Day 2022, the Republic of North Macedonia celebrated an important milestone: the adoption of the European Emergency Number 112. This new service, implemented with Beta 80 Group’s technology and support, the country transitions to the European Emergency Numbers system.

The service covers all the emergency services of the national territory, over an area of 26,000 km2 and serving a population of over 2 million citizens.

112 in North Macedonia: A new, state of the art service

The new state-of-the-art service features 78 workstations located throughout the country, complete with Life 1st, Beta 80 Group software suite for emergency call management. The platform allows you to answer, record, qualify, locate, and forward calls to the most appropriate emergency service. It also includes the dispatch module for all agencies: Fire Brigade, Police, EMS, and Civil Protection Control Rooms.

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The platform was fully implemented by Beta 80 Group and ICS Consulting Engineering, our Macedonian partner. The 112 service handles over 2000 calls a day, a number destined to rise as the awareness of the service grows.

Where is the 112 service active in North Macedonia?

The workstations are mainly located in the capital Skopje, but some are also located in remote locations and other key cities in North Macedonia. Thanks to its web-based nature, Life 1st has been implemented in a single installation, immediately guaranteeing complete coverage of the territory. The multi-tenancy architecture allowed all PSAP to be configured in one centralized location, making life easier for IT managers and PSAP supervisors, with all their configurations at hand.

Hardware delivery, configuration, procedures definition and testing, software installation, user training, and project kick-off took 14 months of cooperation with the customer, who can now rely on a stable and complete emergency management platform with the latest European technology standards.

Also part of the solution:

  • AML – the localization service via SMS powered by Google and Apple
  • eCall – the in vehicle automatic emergency call service
  • NG112 – the new future technological infrastructure to send data

All these technologies and tools were requested by North Macedonia, to align with the latest European technological standards.

Hardware delivery, configuration, process definition and testing, software installation, user training, and project initiation took 14 months of collaboration. And now, North Macedonia can rely on a stable and comprehensive emergency management platform with the latest European technology standards.

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European Emergency Number 112: why is Beta 80 the right partner

The one in North Macedonia is the most recent national 112 service deployed by Beta 80 Group in Europe, after a careful needs analysis which offered the best solution for the customer.

The activation of the service consolidates Beta 80 Group as a national reference partner for Emergency and Crisis Management, especially regarding the European Emergency Number 112.

For over 30 years Beta 80 Group has developed innovative technologies for public safety and private security. The Life 1st solution is a leading software platform for first and second level emergency centers and today covers nearly 40 million citizens. It is currently active in Italy, USA, Europe and Central America with over 80 power plants (Law, EMS, Fire, Healthcare systems, Civil Defense) and Control Room.


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