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DinamiCall: the emergency call gets modernised

With the introduction of the NUE 112 model, which has been in operation since 2010, a new and potentially decisive factor for the timely handling of emergency calls has emerged: the caller location.

Over the last decade, the cell-based localisation provided by the Ministry of the Interior has been supplemented by a multiplicity of increasingly refined technologies, capable of introducing new ways of multimedia interaction with the citizen requesting help.

This is the background to DinamiCall, a dynamic caller management solution by Beta 80 Group.

New technologies supporting caller location services

The most innovative methods used to ensure timely caller location during emergencies include:

  • Apps for voice call and location management. In this ecosystem of applications, designed to facilitate the two-way exchange of multimedia data between the citizen and the emergency call centre, the greatest diffusion has been achieved by Where ARE U, which is now active on about 70% of the national territory.

  • Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application (PEMEA) transnational project to interconnect the multitude of emergency apps to the PSAPs of the different European countries. The aim of the project was to guarantee foreign citizens the possibility of using apps that are proprietary to their home country, but at the same time to be located by the relevant operations centre.

These solutions, although innovative in their conception, immediately presented non-positive aspects in terms of download rates, often requiring heavy investment in massive communication (advertising, communication on national broadcast programmes) to encourage their use. Moreover, in a context of excitement and emergency it was observed that the citizen was unlikely to make use of these solutions in case of need.

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  • Accident Emergency Call (eCall) to automate emergency calls during an accident. In the automotive sector, the eCall standard linked to newly type-approved vehicles was implemented for the location of emergency calls in the context of road accidents.

  • Advanced Mobile Location (AML). In 2021, the AML standard was activated thanks to the provision by smartphone manufacturers of EMBEDDED functionalities of location mechanisms in the context of a 112 emergency call.

Beta 80 Group's experience over this decade, thanks also to the nationwide distribution of its systems, has led to the realisation that effective and efficient management of an emergency call can be achieved by having several systems working side by side, providing increasingly precise and refined services. Moreover, as the market has become increasingly attentive to the quality of the operator's response, the need has arisen to introduce the concept of more complete and interactive solutions, capable of fostering proximity between the centre operator and the citizen requesting help.

This is the background to DinamiCall, a functional module of the Life 1st suite designed for dynamic caller management in an emergency situation.

A dynamic caller management solution

DinamiCall, the new application solution developed by Beta 80 Group, allows the dispatcher (112, 118, 116 117) to make a dynamic call with the caller. Through the technology used, the user experience during an emergency call is greatly enhanced.

In particular, the application's components include:

  • Live Chat: this is one of the tools that enables increased interaction between the caller and the control centre operator, especially in the most difficult situations. For example, when the caller is unable to speak or has hearing problems. The live chat component is a crucial alternative to offer a real-time solution to the citizen's request for help.

  • Video call: allows the caller to be 'brought closer' to the centre operator. In addition to simple verbal interaction, this new feature supports the operator in performing two main activities:

  1. the visual demonstration of manoeuvres to be performed

  2. the understanding of elements concerning the emergency situation that may have escaped the caller.

  • Real-time localisation: the system makes it possible to locate the citizen punctually and, if necessary, follow his or her movements.

    DinamiCall: Beta 80 Group and the modern emergency call

DinamiCall is a product designed to connect remote users through geolocation, messaging and video streaming systems in a Next Generation EU perspective.

The citizen, once he has contacted the emergency numbers, will receive an SMS containing a link with which the centre operator can set up a dynamic call. When the link is opened, the citizen will be automatically directed to the default browser, which allows the alignment of the smartphone with the DinamiCall server, effectively establishing the connection channel between the centre operator and the caller.

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From an operational point of view, this translates into the possibility for the user to:

  • make a streaming call from his location

  • be geolocalised without having to install any kind of third-party application

  • exchange messages and multimedia content with the central operator

  • be guided through the process

Beta 80 Group's aim through DinamiCall is to make the whole emergency call management process more fluid, interactive and enriched with additional information. Looking to the future, the aim is to be able to use this tool also in a non-emergency sector such as, for example, the 116 117 number, and to be able to exploit this application at the service of telemedicine and teleconsultation.

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