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Beta 80 at the fourth NG112 Plugtests

February 22 marked the start of the fourth edition of the NG112 Plugtests, organized  by EENA and ETSI. The aim of the event is to try out the existing technology’s next generation capabilities, especially the exchange of multi-layered and multi-varied data in the Emergency services IP networks (ESInet)

Why are NG112 Plugtests so important?

The event allows us, as well as many different stakeholders, to tests our solutions against each other and along the entire 112 emergency response chain: from the caller to the final dispatch. It helps figure out how to best integrate and standardize each technology, so every piece is compatible and efficient, to better serve agencies and citizens. 

Overall, the idea is to help standardize the technology to create a functioning ecosystem, making the transition to ESInet communication much easier for all parties. As the technology progresses the system needs to create clearer and efficient guidelines to apply for it to be coherent and interoperable. 

Next Generation: the importance of intercontinental standardization.

Therefore, the NG112 Plugtests are vital. They provide a way to assess the different hardware and software technology and understand how to integrate all components in a functioning chain. Since the first edition in 2016, NG112 Plugtests have grown in participants and tested technologies.

This year marks an even greater step as the event becomes intercontinental thanks to an agreement between EENA and NENA. This will help improve emergency communication and the ESInet data transfer over national and international areas. In the era of global exchange, it is important to maintain interoperability beyond EU borders, so that the technology can be compatible anywhere in the world.

The Plugtests during Covid-19

This years’ event is carried out remotely over the span of 2 weeks and will feature the highest number of outside observers: stakeholders that do not actively test any technology but are there to witness what happens.

Beta 80 at the event:

Our company strongly believes in sharing information and extensively testing to create the best and most efficient solution. We took part in every single Plugtest since its very beginning in 2016 and worked to improve our solutions and technology to serve our clients.

For the second time, Beta 80 brings at the testing table the whole suite of ESInet components, the only company able to do so, among the invitees to the event.


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