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Il Tavolo®: an all-in-one platform for the full control of emergencies

Agile and easy to use, The Tavolo® is the all-in-one platform to be in control of any emergency. A Beta 80 product that combines functional design with unique public safety software.

In 2016 Beta 80 previewed the new Flex Table® at the APCO (Association of Public Safety Communication Officials) fair, one of the largest public safety events, which annually hosts over 5,000 participants and exhibitors who come from all over the world , for industry experts, observe the latest products and network with colleagues. In this context Beta 80 Group presented Il Tavolo® Flex: a touch screen table with a unique software aimed at supporting the PSAPs in the decision-making process and in sharing information with various resources involved in the emergency.

 The Tavolo®: what it is and why it is important for emergency management

In our 30 years of activity, through constant contact with professionals (from industry leaders to decision makers, to the many PSAP call takers who engage in this service every day), Beta 80 Group was able to notice one clear pattern: PSAPs lacked a tool to give clear vision of the entire emergency situation and of the resources available. Supervisors usually work on different monitors while dealing with the same events. Beta 80 has developed a revolutionary easy to use product, to facilitate the task of every PSAP manager. The key is in the software: on a single touch screen, users receive information in real time and interact directly with all the involved partners. It is simple, but much more efficient.

How does the Tavolo® work?

The Tavolo® software collects all the information coming from the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and shows events in real time, it also allows the dispatch of vehicles and resources through a simple standard communication protocol. Il Tavolo® can be integrated with any CAD system, it is a high-level decision-making platform with which managers can elaborate and plan the most diverse interventions: from large-scale crisis to routine operations.

The software's distinct elements

  • Complete view of the emergency and easy access to all information.
  • Coordination and management of police, fire and medical aid resources.
  • Intuitive, multi-user and touch-optimized interface.
  • Direct and bidirectional interaction with events, missions and points of interest.
  • Integrated telephone and radio systems to communicate with dispatchers, command personnel and first responders.
  • Preparation of the team for real situations and flexible training.
  • Multi-layer GIS visualization and geospatial mapping tools add many layers of information.
  • Management of large-scale and emergency situations.
  • Creation and management of high risk areas defined by free form drawing tools.

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