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Cyber resilience, why your company needs it

Cyber ​​resiliencetoday is at the heart of business resiliencebecause it allows companies to continue to thriveadaptingeven in times of crisis. The pandemic crisis is perhaps the most striking example of how effective cyber resilience can preserve investments and even the very structure of a company. The latest Clusit report (Italian Association for Information Security) recorded exponential growth in attacks worldwide in 2020, equal to 12% compared to the previous year, with enormous direct and indirect economic lossesOftenwhen it comes to cyber security, a quote from John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco, is quoted: "There are only two types of organizationsthose that have been attacked and those that don't know it yet." 

This requires advanced tools and skills based on the knowledge of complex architectures, in particular for the Microsoft environments used by most companies and, therefore, of the MicrosoftecosystemBut there’s more. What is needed is a kind of security management able to transfer tools and skills to customers in their specific and all related activities, so as to create a resilient design on the infrastructure and application side.

Quest, a leading company in the security sector for 35 yearsoffers two of these tools, whileBeta 80 Group puts in place what is needed to successfully implement those, thanks to its experience in the field of security of Microsoft infrastructuresas certified by specific competence issued by the vendor.

How to achieve cyber resilience with Quest's Change Auditor 

The first of these tools is called Change Auditor. It allows you to perform IT auditing in real-time, with in-depth forensic analysis and complete security monitoring of all key changes by users and administrators in the Windows environment. In this way, it solves at its root the traditional complexity of reporting on changes and logging of accesses which, in addition to the risk of arriving late, is often impossible to obtain with the auditing tools natively provided by operating systems. Change Auditor, on the other hand, is a solution with a single centralized console able to track all activities, and therefore detect any threats, which applies to Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Exchange, Office 365, file servers, etc. This also eliminates the need to manage more than one auditing software at the same time, making it possible to simplify the goal of cyber resilience as a prerogative of all organizations. 

To test Change Auditor for free, click here .

Recovery Manager for Active Directory, Disaster Recovery Edition 

In the unfortunate event that the cyber attack is successful, Quest provides Recovery Manager for Active Directory, Disaster Recovery Edition. The solution backs up Active Directory in order to restore it after any disaster, be it caused by an error, an accident or a real cyber attack. Especially following a ransomware attack, one of the most recurrent in recent months, the first thing to do is to initiate an Active Directory recovery process, as Gartner points out, arguing that "recovery from many well-documented ransomware attacks has been hindered by lack of an intact Active Directory restore process ”. Among other things, the advantage of Recovery Manager is that it integrates both with On Demand Recovery for Azure AD and Teams, minimizing downtime for end-users, and in the same dashboard with Change Auditor, on-premise and on the cloud. 

To take a free trial, click here . 

Find out how to enable cyber resilience together with Beta 80 Group 

To deepen the details of both solutions, Beta 80 Group, a partner of Quest, organized a webinar on 27 October during which the following contents were discussed: 

  • How to enable an effective cyber resilience strategy dedicated to hybrid and cloud environments; 
  • How to implement integrated prevention and recovery activities for Active Directory and Azure AD; 
  • How to take a timely, automated and comprehensive approach to Active Directory and Azure AD recovery processes. 


Beta 80 Group's partnership with Quest represents an added value to transform the issue of cyber resilience into a widespread practice with which to preserve corporate assets, enabling companies to continue operating in any adverse situation. We must not forget, in fact, that the new normal in which we are partly already living does not coincide with the disappearance of threats. On the contrary, cyber resilience is forever. 


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