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AI, chatbot, SpoC and managed services

The innovation of managed services today travels on three tracks: Artificial Intelligence, chatbot and Single Point of Contact (SpoC). Objective: to save the customer on the allocated budget, to evolve the customer engagement and the customer experience of the company and, above all, to free human resources from routine tasks and concentrate skills in critical business operations. The task of the managed services provider is to support the customer in these activities through technologically and professionally advanced, flexible and specialized solutions. Reducing the time dedicated to tasks with less added value and promptly resolving technical emergencies, through artificial intelligence systems and telephone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are the first steps towards a 360-degree digital transformation that involves everyone. the levels of the firm. The best managed services answer all these needs. The managed services provider therefore becomes a 360-degree tool for providing assistance, advice and technological support aimed at the digital innovation of the company. Only the best MSPs can offer this complete package at the highest level.


The Artificial Intelligence of managed services saves time and money

Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, especially through Machine Learning systems, are the new frontier of managed services. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence guarantees significant time savings, allows companies to assign human resources with the most important skills to critical business activities as well as automate routine operations. According to a research by Gartner, in 2019 37% of companies have been adopting Artificial Intelligence solutions, with a growth of 270% compared to the previous year. Integrating Machine Learning systems, therefore, is essential to keep up with the growing competition. The managed service is the key to improving the company's Artificial Intelligence solutions, through the adoption of technological and innovative tools that only a top-level managed services provider can offer its customers. The Artificial Intelligence of managed services is an enabling element of the human resource: it relieves the staff of monotonous and easily automated operations (from ticketing to the pre-processing of a request in order to facilitate human intervention), but does not replace the staff already employee who, on the contrary, can concentrate on real value-added activities. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence is a constantly evolving sector, which over time will guarantee more and more advantages and flexibility to companies that have integrated it transversally into their activities.


The chatbot: the new friend of managed services

The chatbot is becoming an increasingly popular Artificial Intelligence application: an automated messaging service with which the customer can interact for immediate feedback on the status of a service. The most advanced managed services integrate a natural language-based chatbot into their solutions for simplified and intuitive interactions. The chatbot becomes, for example, a tool for internal use in the management of the work park of a customer's workstations, helping in the recovery of a password or in supporting the help desk. A managed service provider can also actively contribute to the creation of a chatbot that the company will then allocate to the end user. Today, the chatbot becomes the expression of the most sought-after advantages, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence: the constancy of the flow of operations, the streamlining of daily practices and the guarantee of an increasingly advanced customer experience.


SpoC active 24 hours a day: this is how managed services serve the customer

The Single Point of Contact represents the paradigm of what a managed services provider can do to support a company at 360 degrees. The SpoC is a highly competent contact person who can support the customer 24 hours a day, guaranteeing a quick solution. The SpoC is formed ad hoc to serve the specific needs of a company. It is not, therefore, a simple dispatcher, whose task is to open a ticket and pass the request to another section of the company: a SpoC is a specialized point of contact between the customer and the managed services provider, with the added value of being able to solve the problem directly, even the most urgent one, thanks to first level digital skills. In critical situations, the solution must be as quick as possible because every minute lost can mean economic damage for the company and a disservice to the end user. The SpoC therefore aims to support the customer by understanding the impact of the failure and identifying the urgency for users thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the service. Today the SpoC is used in heterogeneous sectors, from banks to emergency call centers of 118.


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