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Unifying All Emergency Apps In Europe: The PEMEA Project

Calling emergency services across Europe with any local app?

This will soon be reality, thanks to EENA's Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application (PEMEA) project. All emergency apps, will be interconnected in a single network andeveryone will be able to use their 112 app to contact emergency services across Europe, without having to download new ones.

The aim of the project is to improve emergency response by helping citizens reach the correct 112 PSAP even if they do not speak the local language or don't know where they are. It will allow call takers to retrieve all vital information for an ever more secure and accurate response.


Unifying all apps: Beta 80's role

Since the project was launched, Beta 80 has been in the forefront, in close contact with EENA, in order to create and improve interoperability tests, develop test benchmarks and complete platforms.

Beta 80 also helps organizations and companies in the development and implementation of PEMEA services: coordinating the platforms,  interconnecting of the different emergency apps, redirecting the request to the nearest PSAP, based on the geolocation data provided by the mobile phone. 

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The Project

Phase 1

Beta 80 was involved from the early planning and development stages of the project. Since 2016 we have dealt with both the technical aspects and the discussion with Government and other companies.

The first results and the tests carried out confirmed PEMEA's ability to provide:

  • Access to emergency services in any European country using their pre-installed roaming apps
  • The correct information to the correct PSAP (location, emergency contacts and language settings) even if the app is not the one suggested.

Phase 2

The second phase of the PEMEA project started in November 2019 and ended in May 2020. Beta 80 Group has been involved as a key partner in the integration and implementation of the system in the different European regions, focusing on interoperability.

The goal was to interconnect the many European emergency apps and the various PSAPs via roaming, providing multimedia servers, capable of redirecting communication with the caller.

The apps are now able to contact any PSAP in Europe through geolocation, connecting all the participants in the PEMEA project through a standard procedure.


The Future

The PEMEA network is ready to connect new apps and PSAPs in Europe. Anyone interested in connecting to the network can contact the consortium HERE.



PEMEA Report -Includes Beta 80 and Deveryware full network operating procedures, use cases, and test cases.

PEMEA GDPR Conformance Statement, -find out how PEMEA complies with current data protection regulations.

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