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Mobile apps for emergencies: what they bring to rescue operations

112 PSAPs need to be in constant communication with first responders to monitor the situation and make quick and effective decisions. Precise information, tools and reaction times are the key to any mission. But what are the best tools to help PSAP dispatchers and rescuers keep track of operations and activities and improve communications?

One answer comes from the mobile world. Emergency services are using mobile devices and apps to exchange information and improve the response, coordinating the necessary resources while monitoring and ensuring the safety of rescuers. What often makes the difference is the use of specific emergency apps in responding to the needs of the various forces in the field.

EMT ad First Responders

In case of a medical emergency, tablets and apps can be used to verify the event location, update the vehicle position and status, and record the patient's health. EMTs are always in contact with the PSAP and ER doctors, to prepare for the arrival of the critical patient, especially in the most urgent cases. The on-board devices can communicate with tablets and apps to record the patient's biometric data in real time, processing the clinical picture with extreme precision. First responders can also communicate with other ambulances, and dispatchers can coordinate and rearrange the available vehicles in case of important interventions.


Fire Brigade and Police

For firefighters and police, apps and tablets are used to identify the fastest way to reach the event and provide access to critical data, such as locations of other vehicles, hospitals, POI, floor plans, hydrants and defibrillators thanks to integration with the PSAP’s CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch). Tablets allow access to databases of useful information on the intervention or specific procedures. It is possible to coordinate and verify all the available resources, constantly monitoring their position and status.


Civil Protection

In case of large-scale emergencies spread into a wide area, devices must include real-time information on weather conditions and allow the monitoring of earthquakes, floods, and strong winds with special maps. Special alerts of Civil Protection rescuers and population can help improve operations, organizing tasks efficiently and quickly informing the people involved. Devices can also be used to log field operations, providing Control Rooms with a live picture of the tasks performed and on ground conditions of buildings and POI. This leads to more informed decisions and the possibility to adapt the strategy if conditions are changed.



Citizens can also take advantage of new technologies to contact the 112 PSAP more quickly and safely with the Where ARE U app.


Tablet applications: Beta 80 Group's solutions

There are still many agencies that have not fully taken advantage of mobile devices for field operations. Emergencies apps allow to manage the event more rationally, e.g. record patient or surgery data in a clear form and find the best path to ensure better and faster intervention.

To support agencies in the transition to a fully digitized system, Beta 80 Group offers a wide range of iOS and Android solutions, already used by many countries and citizens. The most complete tool is SmartHub, the solution with cutting-edge features dedicated to all rescuers (first responders, EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement agencies). Life1st SmartHub brings the simplicity of regular apps to the Emergency world. It can receive new event notifications, track vehicle and personnel’s status, communicate with the PSAP via chat. In addition, the app allows you to integrate multimedia files such as videos, photos, and voice messages into the mission file to provide precise data to the PSAP and colleagues. The solution consists of custom modules to monitor and manage the entire process, from call to closure. Finally, for Ambulances, Beta 80 created Life 1st ePCR (Electronic Patient Clinical Record), the module to log patient record on the tablet, to be filled in and sent to the PSAP and ER.

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