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Business Intelligence in Retail with Beta 80: benefits

Business Intelligence in retail deals with Data Discovery and Data Visualization processes, providing management with a clear trace of the most recurring phenomena, anomalies or patterns. Moving from information to action is the reason that should push a brand/retailer to adopt Business Intelligence tools within their business projects. 

To do so, it is necessary to equip oneself with technologies, professional profiles and skills that are not only advanced but also extremely flexible, able to achieve, with continuity, the priorities and objectives set from time to time. This flexibility cannot often be found in the company but rather in a partner. This has the task of supporting and accompanying the retailer in his learning path of data management: from its acquisition, analysis and processing, up to the final stages of viewing and sharing. 

Business Intelligence to understand change 

Thanks to BI models, Beta 80 Group helps retailers to interpret the behaviors and relationships with their customers, and between them and the brand, highlighting the current trends in the current sales scenario and those of the near future. Business Intelligence can support retailers by clearly highlighting the new needs and requests of the customer. Some examples are: to be reached on every touchpoint, the customization of discounts and offers, greater flexibility of payment tools, 24/7 customer service, etc. 

Customer needs change quickly, follow trends and sometimes anticipate the Digital Transformation. A static report would hardly be able to highlight ever-changing needs. And this is where BI comes in. 

Nevertheless, according to data from the Big Data & Business Analytics 2021 Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, over 60% of employees and managers of large companies still use static reports, as traditional spreadsheets. Only 30% of these use interactive dashboards generated by BI tools. 

Yes to Business Intelligence in Retail - but only with the right partner 

A careful assessment allows you to evaluate the choices made previously by CEOs, CIOs and CTOs in the field of platforms, software and internal training. Minimizing waste, both from the technological side and from that of resources and skills, is particularly important at this stage. This is why there is a tendency to bring existing software and skills back to value, rather than opting for their complete replacement. 

However, Digital Transformation often moves faster than infrastructure capacity. To fill this gap as much as possible, Beta 80 develops tailor-made projects for each client. And to do this, it follows 3 crucial steps: 

  1. Integration: the creation of a specialized unit of consultants who work closely with retail management makes it possible to reduce project implementation times and the provision of new services in line with the customer's temporal requests. The establishment of an autonomous and structured team according to the "as a service" logic allows maximum agility and speed of decision to the full advantage of the time-to-market. 
  2. Periodic assessment: periodic alignment, according to the agile model, facilitates changes and reduces the timing. In this way, it is possible to fill any gaps in products and solutions, without incurring the risk of obsolescence and without the need to train internal staff. 
  3. Measurement: the creation of ad hoc models for each individual customer allows a more accurate review of the KPIs, which are adapted, from time to time, to new business scenarios. This extremely delicate phase can take place in direct collaboration with the retailer, who will be accompanied until complete autonomy. 

    Beta 80 can support retail companies by making use of the experience gained as a partner of large corporate companies in the industry. Of these, it knows the needs and real needs in the field of data governance, infrastructure management and process automation. 

    The Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and Informatica Gold Partner certifications of their Business Units attest to the ability to respond with qualified and competent personnel to the growing needs of companies in the retail sector. Assessment, analysis and design for data cloud migration, as well as the availability of an internal R&D laboratory for the customization of solutions, are just some of the services made available by Beta 80 for its customers. 

    Thanks to its skills, Beta 80 Group is, therefore, the ideal partner to guide companies in their data journey, helping them to develop skills and knowledge, to react promptly to market changes. 

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