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Why choose ServiceNow's Application Portfolio Management

ServiceNow's Application Portfolio Management contributes to the creation of better, timely and data-driven strategies. The rationalization of applications that are obsolete, unnecessarily expensive or simply inefficient is an important step in the reorganization of corporate operations, in the context of a process of constant improvement that all companies aspire to.

Applications are a central element of daily activity. When a system malfunctions it damages the workflow: employees struggle to access information quickly and have to deal with errors and disservices, frequently asking for assistance from the IT Help Desk. The gradual growth of the company results in a natural extension of the software used: a greater amount of applications complicates the integration operations, creates conflicts in terms of compatibility and, therefore, the introduction of new software, in addition to the increase in maintenance costs.

ServiceNow's Application Portfolio Management allows companies to take advantage of the aggregated data from the other modules of the platform to carry out a selection and control plan for an organization's applications, in line with strategic objectives and monitoring costs associated with IT.


What is ServiceNow's Application Portfolio Management

The Application Portfolio Management module is part of ServiceNow's IT Business Management services. This positioning already says a lot about its role: it serves to pursue strategies with greater awareness, carry out data-driven rationalization assessments and build IT evolution goals, programs and initiatives for the organization. ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management offers companies the opportunity to assess the status of the application portfolio by monitoring some key parameters, defined by the company together with the system integrator: for example, the software life cycle and the support of the vendor, but also KPIs related to costs, reliability and performance. This type of parameters helps companies to evaluate the rationalization and possible redundancies in the application portfolio.


How ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management works

The ServiceNow APM module relies on other components of the platform, including the Configuration Management Database, the ITOM suite and the Software Asset Management module. Through the synchronization of the information collected, companies can carry out a very in-depth cross-sectional analysis of the state of the application portfolio and, more generally, of the IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow Discovery allows you to collect hardware and software data from the IT infrastructure, in order to have a starting picture of the resources used. The ServiceNow Service Mapping module reconstructs the relationships between the various ICs discovered with the aim of understanding what binds the business functions and the underlying technology. Software management can also be added to the populated CMDB. This can be implemented using the Software Asset Management module, which adds very useful information to classify and qualify the portfolio. This database is the only way an Application Portfolio Management system can express its potential. It is therefore clear that such a level of depth is achieved only through the Application Portfolio Management module integrated with ServiceNow: the set of data provided by the platform is essential for a data-driven evaluation.


Why Application Portfolio Management is key to business strategies

Once companies have obtained the data to be analyzed, they can proceed with a series of assessments concerning the cost/benefit ratio and the 360-degree management of an application. Through the information of the Application Portfolio Management, companies can:

identify applications the concretely and correctly support the business and eliminate those that do not guarantee added value;

reduce costs by evaluating applications that are not utilized enough to pay off the costs or have maintenance costs that are too high compared to the value they bring to the organization;

understand which applications need attention as they are at the end of the lifecycle of the underlying software or support from the related vendors;

optimize the IT infrastructure by minimizing possible malfunctions.


Why rely on TOW 80

The experience of TOW 80, a Beta 80 Group company, in the development and management of ServiceNow projects is the basis for the successful adoption of Application Portfolio Management. This module, in fact, is not an isolated project: it is integrated into a ServiceNow implementation that must be well organized and functioning. In order to activate the APM module, ServiceNow must be configured following best practices: a poorly structured CMDB, for example, can hinder the success of the ServiceNow APM module adoption project, while TOW80's proactive and conscious approach allows it to build the foundation for the success of this type of initiative.

TOW 80 is a company that capitalizes on the skills gained over the years in the management of ServiceNow and can support companies both in the technological aspect of the implementation of the Application Portfolio Management module and in the strategic one to plan how to exploit the potential of APM.

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