Magazine / ServiceNow Mar 9, 2021 11:15:00 AM

The impact of ServiceNow on business efficiency

Business efficiency is imperative in the digital transformation process required by the current business environment. The ServiceNow platform not only enables it, but makes it simple and within reach of all companies that want to optimize their workflow, speeding up daily operations and facilitating workflow through the use of a single "clean" data. The latter, in particular, is essential so that all departments involved are synchronized with each other. As an enabler of new internal operations, ServiceNow brings clear benefits: the time and cost of carrying out routine operations are lowered; employees can really dedicate their skills to activities that contribute to the growth of the company and, moreover, delicate resources (IT and human) are not wasted in the daily workflow.


The service is enhanced by ServiceNow automation

ServiceNow's goal is to simplify the workflow in all of its aspects. How? First, thanks to a series of automatisms and machine learning solutions that reduce the time employees have to spend with low-value and repetitive operations. Secondly, helping to consolidate a data-driven approach, which can guide the company towards more reactive and suitable decisions to increase the return on investment. The automatisms involve all departments of a company: Human Resources, IT operations, Customer Service and Security Operations, for example. The adoption of ServiceNow offers heterogeneous and pervasive benefits, including, for example, the improvement of the identification of cyber threats and the reduction of service interruptions compared to the period prior to the implementation of ServiceNow.


The single system of record: business efficiency, from a single data

At the heart of ServiceNow's functionality is the single system of record: a cohesive and shared database. A single portal that, in a nutshell, gives access to a single flow of information and prevents possible errors that can derive from daily manual operations - from transcriptions in spreadsheets, to the creation of presentation slides. In particular, the single system of record facilitates communications, easying the work of all people involved in the activity being carried out. All this happens automatically, without the need to exchange documents via email or having to organize group calls, which can often be confusing. The various parts of the company work in synchrony, avoiding that kind of waste of time that may characterize a work environment, where the departments work as if they were an island in their own right.


Less costs from third party IT services

Thanks to ServiceNow, employees can invest their skills in activities that give real added value to the company. The Human Resources department, for example, can focus on hiring new talent that the company needs, rather than having to manage routine tasks that, while necessary, do not help grow the business or reach new customers. However, corporate efficiency is not achieved only by optimizing the workflow of staff, but also with a careful eye on costs. Proper implementation of ServiceNow ensures that enterprises are less dependent on third-party IT services. The ease of use and completeness of the ServiceNow platform, free the company from costs that would weigh the budget down. A company that works better internally, is a company that can also operate more effectively, with significant positive impacts also in terms of customer satisfaction.

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