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ServiceNow Software Asset Management: reduced costs and compliance in order

Companies use ServiceNow Software Asset Management to organize software licenses, which tend to overlap and create a messy application environment. Nowadays, software can be located on-premise or in the cloud, developed internally or purchased on the market: companies need to adopt tools specifically designed to organize licenses, maintain contractual compliance and optimize spending, eliminating the costs associated with company unused devices.

Despite being an important business tool, the software is often overlooked. This results in hidden costs, which increase the cost of managing the IT infrastructure: many licenses are not used and obsolete devices could still be included, adding up costs. ServiceNow's Software Asset Management module is the best choice to learn about available software, track purchased licenses, and manage software audits without surprises.


Who needs ServiceNow Software Asset Management

The Software Asset Management module of ServiceNow serves companies across the board and belonging to different sectors, but there are two types of companies that perceive more the weight of licenses. This software is aimed in particular at smaller companies, where the management of license purchases takes place in a less controlled way, and at multinationals. The latter rely on purchasing centers distributed across a vast territory and are often located on different continents: in this case, it is evident that it is impossible to summarize the licenses purchased without a Software Asset Management.


The benefits of Software Asset Management

ServiceNow Software Asset Management allows companies to evaluate which software is installed and on which devices. This allows you to have a complete view of the application portfolio, but above all of the licenses: how they are distributed, if they are used and on which devices. The advantages of Software Asset Management are transversal. This ServiceNow module allows you to:

  • Maintain compliance with contracts and regulations: the company can identify the applications it can use according to the contracts stipulated and verify that it has a fleet of applications consistent with internal and external regulations.
  • Optimize software spend: unused licenses are eliminated, reducing hidden costs.
  • Support software audits: companies can make regular reports to be prepared for a sudden audit.

Through the ServiceNow Software Asset Management, companies can identify the applications used and know if they adhere to the contracts signed with the vendor. Furthermore, companies can evaluate the True-Up Cost of the software and, taking advantage of further integrations of the Service Now platform (such as Performance Analytics), they can track specific KPIs to monitor over time how business initiatives are impacting the performance of the company. For example, the number of incidents, open security tickets, or support requests that have been forwarded to the IT department.


ServiceNow Software Asset Management: The Role of Discovery

Discovery represents the foundation of the operations carried out by the Software Asset Management module. This software enables a clear and complete perspective of the composition of the IT infrastructure: computer, server, cloud. Discovery can be performed natively from the platform or through the integration of external services that track the use of software licenses installed on the company's devices (PCs, servers, etc.). Discovery is therefore essential to know the software installed and where: it is the compass that allows the Software Asset Management to navigate correctly.


How TOW 80 helps companies

TOW 80, a Beta 80 Group company, always works for pursuing new technologies and has gained considerable experience in ServiceNow projects by developing high-level internal skills. Some of the ServiceNow technologies are already mature and widespread on the market; others are emerging: even on the latter, TOW 80 can support companies along their digital transformation path. TOW 80 helps companies to know and better manage the data to be imported into the Software Asset Management module to better organize their processes.

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