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ServiceNow ITOM to avoid 95% of accidents? How it works

ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) is the center of a renewed digital-driven strategy to optimize internal processes and automate essential routine tasks, but it doesn’t bring any added value to the company or customers. ServiceNow ITOM, in particular, allows you to reduce the number of incidents by 95% and significantly reduce service interruptions. The IT department will be able to work better, more efficiently thanks to the advanced tools that create a visual representation of the IT infrastructure and the relationships between applications, services and devices. 

ServiceNow ITOM helps companies to have clear and extended visibility of the entire IT infrastructure through a single profile updated in real-time that enables an immediate perspective and ease of intervention. 

ServiceNow ITOM simplifies IT infrastructure management 

ServiceNow ITOM's secret lies in its automation. Each of its components, from Event Management to the Configuration Management Database, is dedicated to a specific form of automation, thanks to which companies can reduce the repetitive workloads of employees. Furthermore, each of them contributes to simplifying the management of IT infrastructures because it centralizes information in the CMDB and therefore allows you to have more elements to make better decisions in less time. 

The Event Management tool, for example, helps to reduce “noise”. Each time an event is recorded, the ServiceNow AIOps system automatically checks if it is a duplicate or if there is a correlation with another event already in the archive. This significantly reduces the number of events to be verified (from thousands to a few hundred), improves the quality of reports and automatically prioritizes incidents that require immediate action by directing them to the correct resource from the first moment. 

Another important benefit provided by ServiceNow ITOM, guaranteed by AI Operations tools including machine learning, is the change in the approach of the IT department: from a position of reaction to incidents to a more advanced and efficient one in which impacts are anticipated with significant savings in time and therefore money. 

An incident map with ServiceNow 

One of the most popular tools of the ServiceNow ITOM module is Service Mapping: it creates a visual representation of the state of the IT infrastructure and therefore of all the relationships between devices, applications and services. A clear perspective of how each component of the infrastructure interacts with the other allows you to reduce intervention times and manual checks by employees, who can therefore react more quickly to inefficiencies that may arise. 

One of the simplest, albeit recurring cases, that a company may have to face is the updating of software used daily by employees. This operation is planned weeks in advance, but it may happen that some of the staff are unable to install the update. This results in cascading problems in the business workflow. Thanks to ServiceNow ITOM, the IT department can easily trace the source of the problem, find a solution and allow employees to get back to work in less time. 

The benefits of ServiceNow ITOM 

Through ServiceNow ITOM, companies can: 

  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of their cloud environment 
  • Transform the IT Operation departments into a service offering quality solutions to the entire company 
  • Enable a 360-degree perspective of IT assets 
  • Reduce the time required to respond to incidents 
  • Eliminate double and bogus alerts 
  • Relyon a holistic view of the health of information systems 

    The benefits brought by the adoption of ServiceNow ITOM are transversal and all concern the end-userServiceNow ITOM is a tool that automates the management of the IT infrastructurebut it is clear that his goal is to guarantee the entire staff, including top management, a better daily experience and an increase in productivity and employee involvement. 

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