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ServiceNow for HR: streamline workflows in 4 steps

Applying ServiceNow automation and technologies to HR helps support employee engagement and avoid inefficiencies in daily activities. 

In fact, employees often have to face some practical rigidities that undermine the fluidity of operations. When they enter the company, they must request the activation of the company email address, queuing up for the other tasks that the HR department must fulfill. Or they don't know how to access specific documents that are needed to perform their role in the best possible way. In addition, many requests are made via email or over the phone, slowing down the workflow. 

ServiceNow helps solve these problems and, indeed, prevent them from happening. HR, thanks to ServiceNow, can support the employee both by preventing any inconvenience and by automating and simplifying workflows. Business efficiency benefits greatly. 

Invest in the workplace with ServiceNow 

The experience with HR does not only concern the interactions between employees and the specific department, but also how employees experience the company and the ability to get organized in a simple way. 

Returning to the office after the many months spent working remotely implies that the company must adapt its work environment to the foreseen safety and prevention measures and, at the same time, ensure that the speed of communication offered by digital means can be also guaranteed on-site. Furthermore, it is necessary to be able to provide both those present in the company and those who are working remotely the same tools allowing them to coordinate and collaborate in the best possible way. 

ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery allows you to coordinate all these steps and ensure that employees can have a digital channel to report any problems or can easily book a meeting room or arrange a visit for a client. 

ServiceNow and HR: employee support 

ServiceNow technology puts at the employee's service all the information and documents they need to access the resources they need to work on a daily basis. From the onboarding process to the daily activity and any requests that must be forwarded to HR, ServiceNow allows you to automate repetitive tasks and, through Knowledge Management, ensures that staff know where to find useful resources. Thus the employee saves time and gets a more advanced employee experience. 

This provides two benefits: the employee will be able to receive support more quickly and efficiently; the HR department will be discharged of the operations with lower added value and will be able to focus on those that instead bring real value to the company. 

If the employee is actively supported, he or she stays in the company longer and with greater involvement. ServiceNow therefore helps to keep morale high and with it also the contribution that staff makes to the achievement of corporate growth objectives. 

HR needs to work more efficiently 

In addition to helping employees, ServiceNow's automated workflows enable the HR department to work better and in a more organized way. Onboarding practices, requests for assistance and the need to resolve staff reports occupy a large part of the time of the HR staff, who therefore have no way of dealing with critical activities; this means that HR employees themselves risk being frustrated by repetitive tasks and a non-digital workflow. 

For this reason, the specific ServiceNow module, HR Service Delivery, contributes not only to the working well-being of new hires but also to that of HR staff: their daily workflows will be improved and made more efficient thanks to the functionalities of the solution, which allow you to deal with operations in a more agile way.

Simplified employee experience with ServiceNow 

Finally, ServiceNow integrations simplify all those internal company processes that involve heterogeneous departments. A classic example is the onboarding of new hires: it is a regular situation, but which can be complicated by a rigid and slow structure. 

In these cases, in fact, the process must be orchestrated: the IT department must approve and configure company devices (from computers to smartphones); HR must assist the employee to make sure he knows how to move within the company organization and the facility management department, for example, must ensure that, if the employee works on site, his workstation is ready. 

The native integrations of ServiceNow help streamline and simplify these situations so that all the people involved interact through a single platform and can automate routine tasks to ensure greater efficiency. In this way, the employee, even when dealing with various departments, will be able to enjoy a facilitated user experience, with a lower impact in terms of time required to resolve his request. 


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