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ServiceNow CSM: customer-centric infrastructure, with the right partner

ServiceNow CSM helps companies achieve a goal that cannot be procrastinated: satisfy customer requests faster and provide end-users with self-service tools, such as chatbots and FAQs, to be able to act independently. To achieve full customer centricity and, even more so, an omnichannel customer experience, companies need a platform that can integrate the various legacy systems, accelerate the response to tickets presented by customers and avoid service interruptions. 


In fact, companies have to deal with ever-higher expectations. If even before the pandemic, users expected to be able to receive assistance in a short time, today even this is not enough anymore: there is a need to merge all communication channels (from phone calls to emails) in a single technological and information platform and adopt a self-service model that frees agents from problems that do not require an advanced solution. ServiceNow CSM is strongly needed. 

Why ServiceNow CSM is the answer 

When it comes to Customer Service Management, companies refer to the disorganized set of multiple separate and isolated systems, often not specialized in customer service management. 

It follows that when a customer contacts the company to request assistance, the company must monitor multiple platforms unrelated to each other in order to know the most frequent solutions, access the customer's history and his relationship with the company (is the contract expiring? Have they already submitted a similar request for assistance recently? Who did they speak to?) and to activate the procedures for the direct intervention of an agent. 

If customer service does not integrate with other software, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the company cannot provide fast and responsive customer service because the workflow is not optimized. 

ServiceNow CSM generates a unified experience: it shares both the information and IT baggage of existing systems in the company in order to connect them, reducing costs and complexities through a cloud-based platform. 

The benefits are clear: 

  • the customer service management experience becomes fluid 
  • customer assistance is proactive rather than reactive 
  • the implementation of a self-service portal reduces the number of emails and phone calls for assistance 
  • the costs associated with Customer Service Management are reduced. 

The potential of self-service 

The self-service model is the secret of ServiceNow CSM's success, particularly for companies whose customer base is growing rapidly. In these cases, companies are often faced with more requests than agents can adequately handle. This translates into longer times, higher costs and, ultimately, lower customer satisfaction and a higher churn rate. 

The adoption of customized self-service models helps reduce costs and increases the perceived level of customer service. 

The self-service enabled by ServiceNow CSM helps to fulfill requests more effectively thanks to the implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence systems. The most concrete example is the chatbot, which allows customers to interface independently with a system that helps them solve the most common problems by routing them towards the steps to follow. If the chatbot is not enough, the human operator who intervenes will already have the information necessary to assist the customer in the best possible way. 

The best choice for ServiceNow CSM: TOW 80 

ServiceNow is a cost-effective platform, capable of integrating legacy systems and delivering numerous benefits to businesses. On its own, however, it is not enough to meet the diversified needs of customers: this is where the quality of a partner like TOW 80 comes into play. 

TOW 80, part of Beta 80 Group, is Elite Partner of ServiceNow, the highest level of partnership expected for local players. A certificate of the number of certifications (over 250) obtained; the quality and quantity of projects that have been successfully completed and the level of customer satisfaction. TOW 80,  a Beta80 Group company specializing in ServiceNow, boasts over 40 customers and has more than 90 projects under its belt. 

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